Monocle Magazine covers South Tyrol and Elephant Hotel

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„Keeping an eye and an ear on the world“: Monocle Magazine covers South Tyrol and Elephant Hotel

The famous Monocle Magazine recently stopped by in South Tyrol and at the Elephant Hotel in Bressanone.

Monocle’s Editor in Chief and Chairman Tyler Brûlé is for many in the media world a real magazine icon, for others his work is simply idiosyncratic. What is definitely the case: What he did so far as journalist, turned out to be a success. When it comes to „Monocle“, the success was outstanding.

Tyler started his career as war reporter in Afghanistan, shortly after he created the design publication „Wallpaper“, then he and his agency were responsible for the design relaunch of the Swissair successor „swiss“, until he managed to gain his greatest journalistic work so far: Monocle, an international magazine on politics, society, culture and lifestyle which is available worldwide and sets new standards in view of its topics, its layout and ist printing quality.

This means: Monocle is a cutting edge publication and comes out each month with 73.800 copies and two seasonal newspapers.

Teaser Monocle

And now Tyler Brûlé with his editorial staff and photographers came to South Tyrol, a region Tyler personally fell in love as he mentioned. In close cooperation to the South Tyrol Marketing Agency a special Südtirol-publication was produced.

Of course the editorial team also stopped by at the Elephant Hotel mentioning it as a travel recommendation („Elephant Hotel – A historic stay“).

Elephant Beitrag

Moreover Elephant employee Benjamin Zwack was interviewed by Tyler Brûlé live on air on Monocle 24, the Monocle-owned online radio station.

The outstanding Monocle work about South Tyrol can be found online at and




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