Timeless elegance

Timeless elegance
Immerse yourself in a tradition of high-class hospitality and experience a timeless elegance. On our fine premises, surrounded by valuable paintings, we will take care of you in the style of a Grand Hotel. Here royalty, artists and distinguished writers were welcomed as guests, along with members of high society. The Hotel Elephant has maintained its charm whilst continuing to develop. It provides contemporary accommodation and modern catering for its valued guests, all in accordance with the famous motto carved in the hotel ceiling: “Was nicht zu ändern steht, das nimm ich willig an. Kann ich nicht, wie ich will. So will ich, wie ich kann.” (History and tradition are always kept in mind, without letting the modern world leave us behind).

Modern facilities
The hotel has a very large (1.7 hectare) park with a large lawn, flowerbeds, trees, swimming pool and tennis courts as well as paths for walking. In the Villa Marzari Park Annexe there is a small Finnish sauna and a fitness room. Our own chapel, a small museum and a wine bar with retail sales complete the unique facilities. The park contains a sandpit, a swing and toys for children.

Historic hotel chapel
The chapel of the Hotel Elephant is dedicated to the guardian angel, which protects the Hotel and its guests in a very special way. The chapel was built around 1845 by the then owner, Friedrich Mayr, for his wife Franziska von Pretz.