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Via Rio Bianco 4
39042 Bressanone, South Tirol (Italy)

Your historical accommodation in South Tyrol

500 years of lived hospitality

The house has been constantly changing since 1500 and has been family-owned since 1773. It has grown with the needs of its guests and the respective travel culture ever since. Thus, a simple inn slowly transformed itself into a hotel, which today is an important part of South Tyrol's tourism history. The hotel primarily owes its name and great success to its family-run service and love of hospitality, which can be felt in the unique atmosphere.

A name-giving turning point for the once humble residence. The elephant Soliman made a 14-day stopover in Bressanone while travelling to Vienna. The innkeeper at the time subsequently changed the name of the establishment to “Elephant”. This was the beginning of a story that is still going strong today.
The founder of the traditional family business, Anton Sperzger, purchased the (by then) long-established inn from Johann Richard Reinisch and raised the Elephant to outstanding standards. Mr Sperzger elevated the inn to such a high calibre that it left an impression far beyond Bressanone and became a benchmark for many subsequent generations.
Under Hanns Heiss and Maria Mayr, the hotel increased its attractiveness even further. The Elephant was converted from an inn into a hotel and was given its current appearance as well as a beautiful annexe and a mesmerising park.
The dining room was extended by a porch on the southern façade. Since then, the exterior of the Elephant has not undergone any fundamental changes.
1958 – 1971
Extensive renovations after a major fire.
The “Apostelstube” Restaurant was honoured with a Michelin star. Established in 2017, the Apostelstube is the second restaurant of the Hotel Elephant. The renowned Michelin Guide awarded this prestigious distinction to head chef Mathias Bachmann as well as to Michael Falk and Eleonora Corazza, who are jointly responsible for service in the Apostelstube, on the 6th of November 2019.
The house is remodelled and extended with the addition of an attic. This resulted in 13 new rooms including five suites and also a spa area with pool in the former stables, which date back to 1888.

Embark on a journey through Elephant-time in the museum