The strange guest...

Some weeks ago, a strange photo appeared on the hotel's livewall. The photo was location tagged with «Hotel Elephant», and posted on Instagram with no other «explanation» than the hashtag «Zwischen den Bergen» (Between the mountains), and the title «Room with a view».
The photo shows a part of the interior in one of the hotel rooms, and the view outside through the double terrace door. Inside, an unidentified person is sitting in a chair, apparently looking at the view outside. The person is dressed in what appears to be a ghillie suit. So, what brought this bigfoot or troll character to Hotel Elephant?
It turns out that the strange guest is part of an ongoing photography project about nature and culture between the mountains (the Alps), with a partly fictional approach. The project, partly funded by Arts Council Norway, revolves around isolation and alienation, with the alpine scenery of Austria and South Tyrol as a backdrop. 
The artist behind the project (and the real hotel guest) is photographer Kristoffer Eliassen, from Oslo, Norway. He is often working with staged photography, and his previous project «Selfphone» about selfies and relations between man and technology was awarded with 3rd prize at the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards.
Kristoffer Eliassen’s imagery can be explored on his webpage,
The image «Room with a view» from the hotel, printed on photographic fine art paper, can be purchased online at The Print Space, London, UK (worldwide shipping):

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